How Bijoux Malou Started

Do you ever hear this echo of the past, or current murmur of people asking: ‘what are you going to do with your life?’ Some people told me with an overly secure expression ‘You could become anything’. As I was more often lost in the world of my head than the somewhat boring reality of life, I decided that I knew what I wanted to be: an Elf. Not an ugly mythical creature or a Christmas elf, but one of the beautiful, smart, and elegant elves created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

However, I after graduating from the university of Amsterdam I realised that I still wasn’t an Elf. Was it all just a lie? Couldn’t I become anything I wanted?. Luckily I found a new passion: a passion to create things, such as jewellery. I have always loved studying, which made me forget that working with your hands can be the most satisfying job. While the elves in Tolkien’s fantasy world have a lot of knowledge, they do not neglect crafts for which a different knowledge and pure craftsmanship is needed.

I started my Etsy shop in 2013 after leaving the Netherlands in 2012, to live near London in the United Kingdom. Initially I worked as a chef in a fish restaurant, and spend my spare time on jewellery making, but soon decided to become fully self-employed and give all my time to my newly found hobby.

Shortly after starting my Etsy shop I changed the grey of the city for the green of Mid-Wales (no longer reliant on jobs), where I still currently live together with my boyfriend and dog. Living in the Welsh countryside, with beautiful green hills and less beautiful but oh-so-cute sheep, would not have been possible without my Etsy shop.

My customers have helped me maintain a quiet lifestyle in the lovely market town Llanidloes. It is the perfect place for me to enjoy the Welsh outdoors with my dog and find creativity.

While crafts might have brought me closer to becoming an Elf, I also realise that when I look through the window I am in the Shire, and that I am probably much more a like a hobbit than I’d like to admit; I enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Over time I have worked with many different materials, and learnt a lot of new techniques. In March 2017 I published this website, and I really like how this gives me the chance to share pictures of the making process as well as the finished products. But to give you a rough idea of my workspace and handwork, here follow some pictures.

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