Creating the website

After several years of being an Etsy seller I decided it was time to expand my business and create my own website. For quite some time I had enjoyed webdesign as a hobby in my spare time, so it only seemed natural to me to build this website myself. I started designing the website in February 2017 and finished it in March the same year. Though my dog and boyfriend didn’t get quite the amount of attention they deserve, I did manage to finish this website, which means the world to me. I am looking forward to writing articles for this website, and to make new products to publish over time.

I much enjoyed creating a unique look and new logo to go with the website. I decided to go for a tree as the main logo, because my main inspiration in my creative process comes from nature (Welsh forest walks and mountain hikes). I made the branches quite curly and used a quirky handwritten font to create a playful and creative effect. Above and underneath you can see some of the logo design ideas I made, and the colour scheme. Next to getting the aesthetics right, I have been working hard on the functionality of the website and making it easy to use. Maintaining this website will be an ongoing project for me, bringing a whole new aspect to being a jewellery maker and shop owner, which will definatly satisfy my more nerdy side!

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