Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for the use of this website and the purchasing of items. I have separated the terms of use into two sections, one applying to the shop and one to the general use of this website. Next to these terms of use, you can find a privacy policy here. For more reader-friendly information I recommend the FAQ page and the delivery information page (the information will overlap but it is neatly organised and summarised).

Shop Terms of Use

By making a purchase from bijouxmalou.com you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

All products are shipped from the UK within 2 working days of a successful payment unless stated otherwise, or caused by unforeseen circumstances. The delivery times vary and there are no refunds available for delays caused by the postal system.

The shipping method used will be the one which you selected during the checkout. Tracking codes are only available if you selected a tracked shipping method. Estimated shipping times can be found on the delivery information page, but these are mere guidelines and not guarantees!

Non- Delivery
A non-delivery is when a parcel does not reach you within the following shipping times. The shipping time is calculated using working days (excluding weekends and holidays), from the date of shipment.

  • UK parcels are considered lost in the post 4 working days after the dispatching date.
  • EU, USA and Canada: orders are considered lost after 20 working days.
  • Australia and New Zealand: orders are considered lost after 25 working days.

In case of a non-delivery you have the right to receive a new parcel, which I will post as soon as possible after you have contacted me. Refunds are not available for delayed shipments.

Returns and refund
You can return a parcel without a reason within 7 working days of receiving the parcel. You will have to contact me first to receive the return address. When I receive the parcel back (be aware that this can take a long time when shipping internationally) you will receive a refund for the product, but not for any of the shipping costs!

When an item is not as described or arrived broken you will have to provide proof in order to receive a refund. You can contact me within 7 working days, and I will most likely ask you for a picture to show to problem. If the item arrived broken indeed a new parcel or a refund will be provided. If you are unwilling to provide a picture you will have to send it back in order to receive a refund.

You are allowed to leave a review after you have made an order of the product bought. Rights are reserved for reviews to be removed if they contain profanity or if they are reviewing anything other than the shop or the product bought. You can also find reviews on https://www.etsy.com/shop/bijouxmalou#reviews

Payments can be made through the Paypal gateway which allows for credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts. Your order will only be processed after a payment has been successful and completed. E-checks can be used but will cause delays in the completion of a payment and therefor the shipping date too. We are not personally responsible for the payment processes, and PayPal is the secure gateway responsible.

You can find a full privacy policy for the website and shop here. We aim to keep personal information secure, but require personal details to process orders successfully.

Proper use of products, injuries and children
We do not recommend any items sold on this website to be used by children, they are designed for adults and can be dangerous for children. Neither should adults use them without taking care, and we highly recommend not to wear jewellery when doing exercise. We are not responsible for any injuries, deaths or damages caused by any of our products.

Website Terms of Use

Images and texts
The copyrights of both images and texts on this website belong to BijouxMalou, unless stated otherwise. This means that you cannot copy my products, pictures or texts to portrait it as your own! The only case in which images can be used is in feature articles, when properly linked to this website and credited to Bijoux Malou.

All the texts on this website, from blog posts to product descriptions, are written by Bijoux Malou and is our intellectual property. If you would like to use any of my words you will have to use a quotation and refer to my website. You are not allowed to copy any of my tutorial posts either, and publish them as your own. Nor are you allowed to make fake copies of my work and sell these online. I will regularly screen for copies for both images and texts to take legal action if our intellectual property is stolen.

However, we do off course also allow for people to share images (with links to our site) on social media platforms (with source information). We also allow hyperlinks to our website to be shared by anyone. We do not allow you to hotline images that are hosted on this website to appear on your website.

Product design
The products are designed using existing supplies or are fully made from scratch. When existing supplies are used there is always a chance of other jewellery makers creating similar pieces. However we would never try to copy someone’s design and we ask others not to copy ours either. If you do feel like any copyright has been infringed always contact me and I will take it very seriously. I will also check for copies of my work online and get them taken down when necessary.

Accuracy in texts
I am not responsible for inaccuracy in blog posts, though I will always try my best to give correct information. Every now and then I might make a mistake, or have done the wrong research. When it comes to tutorial posts I am not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by following a tutorial/advice.