A Spring Jewellery Collection

When I saw the first flowers show their beautiful petals and new leaves display their bright green colour, I felt inspired to design jewellery for the spring and summer time.
These are some of the pieces I made inspired by spring, and just like spring I hope they bring a bit of happiness to people!

Real Dried Flower Necklace

For this dried flower necklace I combined several colourful flowers which I put behind the glass in a wooden frame. The combination of colours makes it an especially happy themed necklace, and I can’t help but feel that it has some of the 60s/70s flower power feeling. You can view this necklace in the shop here.

Spring Green Moss Earrings

One of the reasons why I love hiking in spring time is because of the stunning bright green colours of new leaves. Inspired by this I created these small terrarium earrings filled with spring green reindeer moss. The springy moss has an amazing texture and is well visible behind the glass. The green colour really pops out when wearing these earrings. You can view this necklace in the shop here.

Large Feather Necklace

In the summer and spring I love a more Bohemian look, with large necklaces on a simple wide fitting top. This large feather necklace is such a lovely feature necklace, with a natural feeling to it. You can view this necklace in the shop here.

Spring Green Moss and Rose Pendant Necklace

For this necklace I combined a bright spring green moss with a flower pendant. I put it on a long chain to give it a modern look. This moss and rose necklace would look lovely on a simply summer top. You can view this necklace in the shop here.

World Map Necklace

Once I feel the sun again on my face after a long and dark winter I quickly get lost in memories of places I have travelled to, and places I would love to visit in the future. This antique world map is double sided making it possible to see nearly the whole world in one necklace. You can view this necklace in the shop here.

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