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Silver Bookmark with Stars & Glow Bottle


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The bottle is hand filled with both glitter and glow in the dark powder!

I created this bookmark by combining a blue glow in the dark powder with a glitter in a small cork topped bottle. I glued it shut to make sure the powder doesn’t fall out of it, but it does still move around. The bottle is attached to a large flat antiqued silver tone metal bookmark together with some small metal stars.

Note that glow in the dark powder can give a great mystic glow, but it will always need charging under a light! Seeing that I combined this powder with a glitter it also still looks interesting when it isn’t dark yet.

Practical Information

★ Metal Bookmark Size: 11.5cm
★ Size Bottle (including cork): 25mm by 13mm.
★ Materials: Alloy Silver Tone Metal, Glass, Glow in the Dark.
★ Delivery: dispatched from the UK between 1 and 2 working days. View the delivery information here.

Be aware that glow in the dark will first need to be held in the light to charge, after which the phosphors will then slowly release the energy they stored. This gives it a lovely blue glow after turning off the light!

This bookmark was handmade in Wales, UK by Malou Koldenhof.


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