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Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace



About the necklace

This is a necklace I made using an obsidian arrowhead (volcanic glass) and I put it on a bronze tone chain. I put cord around the obsidian to make it look even more like a real arrowhead.
• Size Chain: roughly adjustable between 17 to 19 inch (40cm to 45cm)
• Materials : Bronze Tone Metal, Beige Fine Rope, Obsidian
• Obsidian is volcanic glass, be aware that it can be fragile, and it can be a bit sharp (I did make the edges blunt). It is not suitable for wearing during sports, or for children.
• Delivery: dispatched from the UK between 1 and 2 working days. View the delivery information here.

Arrowhead Sizes

You can decide which one you like best from the numbered picture. These arrowheads have the following sizes:
1. 33mm x 20mm (smallest)
2. 35mm x 20mm
3. 39mm x 20mm
4. 37mm x 21mm (sharpest)
5. 41mm x 23mm
6. 41mm x 21mm
7. 46mm x 23mm (thick)
8. 51mm x 29mm (large but thinner than most)


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