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Moss Specimen Tube Necklace


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I created this necklace by combining a natural green with a bright/lime green reindeer moss. This gives it a lovely spring feel. Both mosses are real but dyed to keep their pretty colour.

The chain connects directly to both sides of the tube creating a continuing necklace. The shape of the glass also reminded me a bit of test tubes, and with the moss specimen it does look like you are about the research the contents.
Be aware that this terrarium cannot be opened and is glued. If you prefer one which can open, I also have bottles and lockets available with mosses in my shop.

This could be a great gift to a nature lover!

About this necklace

☼ Chain size: Short between 16 and 18 inch (other lengths are possible, just leave me a note with your preference).
☼ Size glass vial tube: Just over 4cm.
☼ Materials: Alloy Bronze Tone Metal, Glass, Moss.
☼ Delivery: dispatched from the UK between 1 and 2 working days. View the delivery information here.

This necklace was handmade in Wales, UK by Malou Koldenhof.


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