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Glowing Message in a Bottle Necklace


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➳ Glow in the Dark Message in a Bottle Necklace
For this necklace I combined glow in the dark pebbles, with two genuine shells and a small letter (of which I burned the edges, to give it that ‘message in a bottle effect’). I was inspired to make this nautical necklace by my love for folktales / fairytales. The glow in the dark gives it a mysterious feeling 🙂 Be aware that glow in the dark needs to be charged under a light first, after which is will give a lovely blue/greenish shine when in a dark space. The cork is glued on, to stop it from opening, yet the pebbles, shell and letter can be moved around.

About this necklace

➳ Chain size: Adjustable between 17 and 19 inch (any other length is possible, just leave a note with the preferred length when checking out).
➳ Size bottle with cork: 4cm by 1.5cm.
➳ Materials: Alloy Bronze Tone Metal, Cork, Glass, Shell, Glow in the Dark Pebbles.
➳ Delivery: dispatched from the UK between 1 and 2 working days. View the delivery information here.

This necklace was handmade in Wales, UK by Malou Koldenhof.


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