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Bronze Dragon and Glow in the Dark Bookmark


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The bottle is hand filled with both glitter and glow in the dark powder!

I was inspired to make this bookmark by my love for mythology and dragons. I filled the bottle with a gold glitter and a greenish blue glow in the dark powder (which can give quite a bright glow when charged!). The amount of glitter is quite low, or it would block out the light (a little bit less than in the picture to improve the brightness of the glow).

The long metal dragon part goes into the book, while the chain and bottle hang over the book. You could see it as a practical way to keep track of the page you are at and an aesthetically pleasing jewel for your book 😉

Practical Information

★ Size Dragon Bookmark: Around 5 inch / 13 cm
★ Size Bottle: just over 2.5cm including cork. The bottle is a flattened round bottle and there is a bit of variety between the bottles, having a bit of a rougher / handmade look.
★ Colour Glow in the Dark: Greenish Blue, Aqua Blue (I believe it looks slightly more green than the picture suggests).
★ Full size of the part which dangles from the book: roughly 5.5cm
★ Materials: Alloy Bronze Tone Metal, Glass, Glow in the Dark
★ Delivery: dispatched from the UK between 1 and 2 working days. View the delivery information here.

Be aware that glow in the dark will first need to be held in the light to charge, after which the phosphors will then slowly release the energy they stored. This gives it a lovely blue glow after turning off the light!

This bookmark was handmade in Wales, UK by Malou Koldenhof.


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